29 Rooms

New York City

I worked with Refinery29 first on their Fashion Week Country Club experience, but when they invited me back to produce and project manage their 10 year anniversary celebration and asked if I could be in-house for months, I knew they were thinking about something big.

The concept was an Instagram playground. It was to be live, multi-sensory editorial that invited their digital audience into the real world. In collaboration with the in-house team and the Gathery, we spent months finding the perfect space, artists, and brands to put a stake in the New York Fashion Week landscape for Refinery29. The 3-day event was such a wild success that lines with 5-hour wait times stretched through Greenpoint. What was to be a one-off became an annual event for Refinery29, and with touring productions around the country, it changed the course of the company and experiential entertainment forever.


Mr Porter Block Party

New York City

The MR PORTER team approached me to produce their own Men’s Fashion Week event, but just like Refinery29, they wanted something different. They didn’t want a runway show. They wanted a good ole fashioned party in the middle of summer to which they could invite their favorite brands, partners, influencers, and fans.

We did just that and took over a block in Soho (which is no easy feat) for a classic block party…but with dapper MR PORTER-worthy twists. Favorite elements included a Tacombi taco truck, Morgenstern’s ice cream, Jean Shop denim tie-dying, haircuts by Fellow Barber, and appearances by Kellan Lutz, Johannes Huebl, and Nick Wooster, alongside various MVPs of the On The Town set.



New York City

From the time contracts were signed and the space acquired, we had weeks (not months) to build out the original Museum of Ice Cream. We fired out a blitzkrieg press campaign that landed at exactly the right time and with the right hooks, landing coverage in Vogue and the New York Times.

The initial run sold out in days, and the sprinkle pool became a sensation. Now having garnered hundreds of thousands of visitors in markets across the country, our original summer project set in motion a movement that continues to thrive today.


Westfield (URW)

Los Angeles + New York

When famed producer Scott Sanders (The Color Purple, Tootsie, The Pee-Wee Herman Show, etc.) invited me to join him leading up Westfield’s global experiential entertainment strategy, it felt like, at long last, one of the most important pieces to creating live experiences had finally fallen into place: finding the space. We had some of the best locations in the world, including Century City in LA, the Oculus in NY, and other iconic destinations in London, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and beyond.

We launched the 1 billion dollar Century City development with a spectacle by Bureau Betak and kicked off live touring productions using our network of properties - a rare distribution platform in experiential entertainment - with a Sistine Chapel experience that received raves in the New Yorker, W Magazine, artnet, the Observer, and New York Daily News. Retail embracing the power of live experiences, entertainment, and real world connection was finally in motion…and now every brick and mortar conversation returns back to this subject…


Hall Of Magic

New York City

Working with Makeout, we wanted to create an experience that would not only give back to Syfy’s The Magicians preexisting audience but also inspire newbies to experience firsthand the magic of the universe of the show.

We found a raw space in Williamsburg and built out multi-room journey outfitted with immersive theatre, beautiful production design, creative tech, and good old fashioned sleight-of-hand magic knowhow. The ten day run drew lines around the block in the dead of a January. Our levitation trick became THE hero shot on Instagram, and the project garnered over 225MM media impressions.


Tyra Banks'

Los Angeles

I had seen Tyra come to various projects I had worked on over the years, including early days visits to Sleep No More and 29Rooms (far before others caught word), but at the time I didn’t realize she was cooking up her own location-based entertainment attraction.

When we were finally introduced and met in person, she detailed a wild vision that integrated immersive theatre with retail…all in the name of breaking down beauty barriers. I was hooked. We spent the better part of a year working together, and I got to share with her some of my favorite tricks of the trade and bring together some of my favorite designers and craftspeople. It’s not every project that draws from every facet of your professional life uniting theatre, retail, community-building, marketing knowhow, storytelling…and how to work a runway.